The Company

1. Constitution
ABA MEDITERRANEA S.C.A. Coop was born in April 2014 from the need of a group of organic farmers, coming from different experiences and able to manage the entire supply chain from production to delivery to customers.
2. Mission
Today the group is made up of 24 producers of fruit and vegetables deriving from different experiences and with the project to grow the bio culture while improving the quality of the products and the production environment.
3. Associates
Associates come from Puglia and Basilicata and the main area of production is the metapontino arc.
4. Experiences
The know-how is linked to the traditional crops of the territory and the ability to innovate and pursue new paths.
5. Products
Table grapes, cherries, stone fruit, citrus fruits and vegetables are the main products of the cooperative. Among the vegetables it is worth mentioning the main ones such as cauliflower, fennel, chard, escarole and aromatic herbs. The product range tends to widen as production techniques improve.
6. Packaging
For the packaging of the products use a structure located in Policoro (MT) and equipped with a large processing room and refrigeration systems for air conditioning and storage.

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